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Beginnings and Endings—Part 1 of 4

Beginnings and endings, also called prefix and suffix, are added to word roots to change the meaning or add more information.

Is it a beginning or an ending? In this section, we will use a dash after the word part to show it's a beginning.

Example: hepat -

We will use a dash before the word part to show it is an ending.

Example: - itis

Beginnings and endings that are about size:

  • Macro - is very large
  • Megalo - or - megaly is large
  • Micro - is small

Beginnings on level or speed:

  • Hyper - is above normal
  • Hypo - is below normal
  • Tachy - is fast
  • Brady - is slow

Beginnings about where:

  • Peri - is around
  • Trans - is across
  • Endo - is within or inside
  • Inter - is between
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