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Beginnings and Endings—Part 2 of 4

Here are beginnings about tests and procedures:

  • Echo - means using ultrasonic waves
  • Electro - means using electricity

Here are endings about tests and procedures:

  • - Ectomy means removal of
  • - Gram means a picture
  • - Graph or - graphy means the process of making a picture
  • - Otomy means making a cut in
  • - Scopy means use of instrument for viewing
  • - Stomy means create an opening

Beginnings and endings about problems:

  • Dys - is not working correctly
  • Mal - is bad
  • - Emia is blood condition
  • - Itis is inflammation
  • - Osis is condition or disease
  • - Pathy is disease

Beginnings and endings about specialties and specialists: who are you going to see?

  • - Ology is the study of a part of the body
  • An - ologist means a person working with a specific part of the body or a specific disease

  • - Iatry is a medical treatment
  • An - iatrist means a person providing specific treatment
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