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Weight Loss Myths & Facts Quiz

Crash diets are best for losing weight and keeping it off.

The correct answer is myth. Crash diets that severely limit calories aren’t safe or successful. They often don’t have enough vitamins and minerals. Most people who try crash diets overeat again and gain weight back. The safest way to lose weight and keep it off is with regular exercise, smaller portions, and a healthy diet.

Healthy snacks between meals can help people manage their weight by:

The correct answer is both A and B. Some snacks can be bad for the waistline, but not all snacks are equal. Healthy snacks are good for you because they’re nutritious and can make you less hungry between meals. They can also boost your energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise.

Foods labeled "lite" or "light" will help you lose the most weight.

The correct answer is myth. The word "lite" or "light" can mean lower calories or fat, but sometimes not enough. There is no set standard for that word. Some of these foods may be reduced in fat but have more added sugar. If a product says "lite" or "light," read the label very carefully.

The most important thing about exercise is:

The correct answer is doing what you enjoy. You're more likely to stick with your exercise program if it’s fun and motivating. It helps to have a clear goal. This might be improving your health, reducing stress, exercising for longer, or being able to buy smaller clothes. Do what you enjoy, whether it's dancing, yoga, karate, or bowling.

If I’m trying to lose weight, I can’t eat fast food anymore.

The correct answer is myth. Most fast food is loaded with calories, fat, sugar, and salt -- but you can still try to make healthier choices. Look for fast-food places that offer salads, soups, and vegetables. Choose items that are roasted, grilled, baked, or broiled instead breaded or fried. Split meals with a friend.

This can help you stay on track with your weight loss while eating in a restaurant:

The correct answer is all of the above. If you plan ahead, it is possible to eat out and enjoy yourself while staying healthy. And once you know how to pick the right foods and the right amount of foods, you can eat at almost any type of restaurant.

People with obesity don't try hard enough to lose weight.

The correct answer is myth. There are many reasons why some people can’t keep weight off. Biology is a big factor. Our bodies have a complex system to help keep weight at a healthy level. Our eating habits are the products of how we were raised, where we live, and many other factors.

Which of the following is NOT a good way to help kids get to a healthy weight?

The correct answer is constantly telling them they are too heavy. Do not punish, tease, or put down children who are not motivated to lose weight. This won’t help them. Praising and rewarding them when they are active and make good food choices will encourage them to stay with it. The best thing you can do to motivate your kids is to lead the way and set a good example.

Weight-loss surgery (bariatric surgery) cures obesity.

The correct answer is myth. Bariatric surgery can jump start weight loss for people with obesity. But surgery alone is not a cure for obesity. Weight-loss surgery can train you to eat less, but you still need to watch your diet and exercise after the surgery. Talk to your doctor about whether weight-loss surgery is right for you.

In addition to losing weight, being active and eating healthy can help you:

The correct answer is all of the above. With so many good reasons to maintain a healthy weight, why not start eating better and moving more today? Friends and family can be a great source of support. Ask them to join you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle -- they’ll be glad you did.

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