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Quiz #4, See What You Now Know

You have learned a lot about medical words. Try this quiz to find out how much you now know.

Question 1 of 8: If the doctor wants to look at your colon what is this procedure called?

□ Microscopy
□ Mammography
□ Colonoscopy

Question 1 answer is colonoscopy, col means colon and scopy means looking inside.

Question 2 of 8: True or false, electrocardiogram is the removal of the heart?

□ "true"
□ "false"

Question 2 answer is false. The ending gram means a picture not removal. An electrocardiogram is a picture of the electrical waves your heart makes.

Question 3 of 8: Which word does not belong?

□ hypersensitivity
□ hyperactivity
□ hypotension

Question 3 answer is hypotension. The other two words have the beginning of "hyper," which means high. The beginning of "hypo" means low.

Question 4 of 8: True or false, appendectomy is the removal of the gall bladder?

□ "true"
□ "false"

Question 4 answer is false. Appendectomy is the removal of the appendix, not the gallbladder. The root for gallbladder is chole.

Question 5 of 8: What body system does osteoporosis affect?

□ heart
□ bone
□ eye

Question 5 answer is osteo which means bone.

Question 6 of 8: What is it called if you have an inflammation of the colon?

□ Colostomy
□ Colitis
□ Cholecystectomy

Question 6 answer is colitis. Col meanscolon and itis means inflammation.

Question 7 of 8: True or false, pericarditis is inflammation of the kidney?

□ "true"
□ "false"

Question 7 answer is false. Pericarditis is inflammation of the area around the heart. The root for kidney is neph.

Question 8 of 8: True or false, h epatitis is the inflammation of the liver.

□ "true"
□ "false"

Question 8 answer is true. Hep is the root for the liver and itis means inflammation.

Great job!

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