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Break It Up—Quiz #1, Let's see what you know

Question 1 of 3: A word for inflammation of the throat.
The words ends in -itis, select the beginning.

□ ot
□ tonsil
□ encephal
□ rhin
□ neur
□ pharyng

Question 1 answer is pharyng for pharyngitis .

Question 2 of 3: A word for disease of the nerves.
The word begins with neuro-, select the ending.

□ itis
□ scopy
□ logy
□ pathy
□ megaly
□ gram

Question 2 answer is pathy for neuropathy .

Question 3 of 3: The word for a person working with the nerves.
The word ends in -ologist, select the beginning.

□ ophthal
□ neur
□ cardi
□ mamm
□ colon
□ gastr

Question 3 answer is neur for neurologist .

Great job!

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