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Evaluating Internet Health Information:
A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine

  • This tutorial teaches you how to evaluate the health information you find on the Internet.
  • The tutorial has five sections. Use the navigation bar at the top and the arrows on each page to go forward or backward.
  • You can use this tutorial on our Web site or download Evaluating Internet Health Information: A Tutorial (PDF, 3.6 MB).
  • You can download a checklist for Evaluating Internet Health Information (PDF, 169 KB) to help you remember what to look for when you look at health information.

Side-by-side examples of two different health information website homepages. One is titled 'Institute for a Healthier Heart' and the other is 'Physicians Academy for Better Health'. Both look like standard health information sites.
These two examples of websites were made-up for this tutorial. But they show different ways that content may be arranged.

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