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Evaluating Internet Health Information Tutorial

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Provider and Purpose—Part 1 of 6

In our first example site, the website name is the Physicians Academy for Better Health. But you can't go by the name alone. You need more information about who created the site and why.

Look for the 'About' or 'About Us' link. This should be your first stop in the search for clues. It should say who is running the Web site, and why.

Our example website has a link to the site's About Us page in the footer area.
Potentially there can be a link either toward the bottom or even toward the upper area of the page where other site related information is located as shown in this example.

From our example for the Physicians Academy for Better Health website, we learn from their ‘About Us’ page that the organization's mission is to 'educate the public on disease prevention and healthy living.'

This example About Us page also contains a list of the Board of Directors and an Editorial Policy.
This example shows a mission statement on the About Us page.
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