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LPIN2 gene

lipin 2

Normal Function

The LPIN2 gene provides instructions for producing a protein called lipin-2. Researchers believe that this protein plays an important role in the processing of fats (lipid metabolism). It is also thought to help regulate inflammation, a normal immune system response to injury or infection.

Lipin-2 helps to regulate the activity of a complex called the NLRP3 inflammasome. Inflammasomes are groups of proteins that form in response to injury or infection. Once formed, the NLRP3 inflammasome sets off a series of events that trigger an inflammatory response. This response helps the body to fight the injury or infection.

Lipin-2 is also thought to be involved in bone remodeling, a normal process in which old bone is removed and replaced by new bone. Bones are constantly being remodeled, and this process is carefully controlled to ensure that bones stay healthy.

Health Conditions Related to Genetic Changes

Majeed syndrome

A few variants (also called mutations) in the LPIN2 gene have been identified in people with Majeed syndrome, a rare condition that is characterized by recurrent episodes of fever and inflammation. These gene variants can alter the structure and function of lipin-2. Researchers are still learning exactly how these gene variants cause the specific signs and symptoms of Majeed syndrome.

It is thought that LPIN2 gene variants cause the overactivation of the NLRP3 inflammasome, leading to chronic inflammation. Variants in the LPIN2 gene interfere with the maintenance of bone tissue by increasing the production of osteoclasts.  Osteoclasts are specialized cells that break down bone tissue and are important for bone remodeling. Variants in the LPIN2 gene also result in a large number of molecules that promote inflammation being released into bones. These changes cause the bone inflammation, bone pain, and other problems seen in people with Majeed syndrome.

More About This Health Condition

Other Names for This Gene

  • CRMO1
  • LIPIN 2
  • MJDS
  • Phosphatidate phosphatase LPIN2

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