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MedlinePlus Quality Guidelines for Health Information in Multiple Languages

Multilingual resources on MedlinePlus comes from the HealthReach collection at https://healthreach.nlm.nih.gov/. HealthReach identifies, collects, and makes available for free resources that are accurate, up-to-date, and evaluated for quality. Read more about HealthReach.

The MedlinePlus multilingual collection is not meant to be comprehensive. Resources that are specific to refugee resettlement and education are not included on MedlinePlus, but are part of the HealthReach collection.

In addition to the general MedlinePlus Quality Guidelines, HealthReach has specific information that they gather from each author submitting materials to the collection.


  • U.S. Federal and state government agencies, major national organizations such as scientific societies and professional organizations, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Generally, the organization must be in the United States. Exceptions include international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization.


  • The intended audience is consumers without a medical or health education background.
  • The materials must be designed to be easy to read, actionable heath information or instructions.
  • Most of the materials are designed for those with very limited English proficiency.


HealthReach also collects and maintains key information about each document and makes it available on their site. To access the information described below for a specific document, please search for the document on HealthReach.

Medical review

  • The resource is reviewed by a medical professional for quality and accuracy, and is accompanied by documentation regarding when the medical review was performed, by whom, and if it is periodically re-checked for currency and accuracy.
  • HealthReach contacts each organization annually to request a medical review of their resources to assure currency and accuracy.

Development method

  • All materials have an English equivalent.
  • The resource is translated from English, or the resource was developed by Native speaker.

Translation review

  • The author must indicate how all translations were performed. Translations can be performed in one of two ways:
    • Company review - the translation was performed by a qualified translation company, with an independent review performed by a second translator, and a client advocate.
    • Community review - the translation was evaluated by a representative or group from the community for accuracy and cultural relevance.

Copyright status

  • The resource is either in the public domain, its creator communicated their reserved rights through a Creative Commons license, or the copyright holder granted HealthReach permission to provide the material.
  • If you intend to modify, or reproduce, display, or distribute the material for commercial purposes or financial gain, you must contact the authoring organization to ask for permission.

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