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Torn hip joint repair

Procedure, part 1


The hip is made of a ball and a socket joint, linking the dome at the head of the thigh bone (femur) and the cup in the pelvic bone. A total hip prosthesis is surgically implanted to replace the damaged bone within the hip joint. The total hip prosthesis consists of three parts:

  • A plastic cup that replaces your hip socket (acetabulum)
  • A metal ball that will replace the fractured femoral head
  • A metal stem that is attached to the shaft of the bone to add stability to the prosthesis

If a hemiarthroplasty is performed, either the femoral head or the hip socket (acetabulum) will be replaced with a prosthetic device. You will receive an extensive pre-operative evaluation of your hip to determine if you are a candidate for a hip replacement procedure. Evaluation will include assessment of the degree of disability and impact on your lifestyle, pre-existing medical conditions, and an evaluation of heart and lung function. The surgery will be performed using general or spinal anesthesia. The orthopedic surgeon makes an incision along the affected hip joint, exposing the hip joint. The head of the femur and the cup are cut out and removed.

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