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Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD
Director, NLM

Jerry Sheehan
Deputy Director, NLM

Kathleen Cravedi
Director, Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL), NLM

Patricia Carson
Special Assistant to the Director, NLM

Fedora Braverman
MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español teams, NLM

Kathryn McKay
Writer-Editor, NLM

Elliot Siegel, PhD
Outreach Consultant, NLM

Selby Bateman
Senior Editor

Christopher Klose
Contributing Editor

Peter Reinecke
Strategic Advisor, NLM

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If you are interested in providing a sponsorship or other charitable donation to support and extend the reach of this publication,
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NIH MedlinePlus Magazine Editorial Board

Glen P. Campbell, Chairman; Barbara Redman, Ph.D., FAAN, RN, President ; H. Kenneth Walker, M.D., Executive Committee Chairman;
Joseph Perpich, M.D, JD, Vice President; Naomi C. Broering, M.L.S., M.A., Secretary; Dennis Cryer, M.D., Treasurer

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Robert George, President and CEO
Carolyn Medeiros, Director of Operations
Michele Tezduyar, Director, Business Development
Emily Poe, Managing Editor
Mary Ellen Slater, Web Developer/Designer
Alison Lutes, Project Manager
Dave Sears, Strategic Planning and Logistics

NIH MedlinePlus Magazine is published by
Strategic Communications (StratComm)
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Suite 103,
Natick MA 01760

ISSN: 1937-4712

Articles in this publication are written by professional journalists. All scientific and medical information is reviewed for accuracy by representatives of the National Institutes of Health. However, personal decisions regarding health, finance, exercise, and other matters should be made only after consultation with the reader's physician or professional advisor. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the National Library of Medicine. Photos and other images without credit lines are provided by NIH.

Summer 2018 Issue: Volume 14 Number 2