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NCI QuitPal, an App from the National Cancer Institute

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What if the tools you need to quit smoking were as easy to find as a cigarette?

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NCI QuitPal is a free, interactive app for iPhone or iPad that uses proven quit strategies and tools to help you change behavior and give up smoking.


The National Cancer Instititute, National Institutes of Health, developed NCI QuitPal to help smokers working to become smoke-free. The app contains more than 10 interactive features that allows users to set a quit date and financial goals, and recieve reminders. NCI QuitPal also

  • Tracks daily smoking habits with an easy-to-use calendar
  • Includes motivational reminders that coincide with progress,
  • Sends health milestones and craving tips,
  • Allows users to connect with social networks and view personalized video messages from loved ones, and
  • Makes it easy to access NCI's Cancer Information Service for free by phone or live chat.

Search "NCI QuitPal" on the App Store to download for free or visit NCI QuitPal App on DigitalGOV

For additional resources to help you or someone you know quit smoking, visit

Winter 2013 Issue: Volume 7 Number 4 Page Back Cover