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FNLM 2013 Events & Programs Announced

Mentoring In Medicine Program

At a Mentoring in Medicine (MIM) event, a possible future medical professional gets the chance to model a lab coat with a MIM mentor.
Photo: Mentoring in Medicine.

During 2013, the Friends will continue and expand programs that promote medical education and health literacy in several related areas.

Professional Education

In Spring 2013 (date TBA), a workshop on the value of clinical trials in improving patient care will be co-sponsored by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), NLM, and FNLM. The workshop is planned for the Lister Hill Center auditorium at NIH. FNLM anticipates having an audience of more than 50 leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, health, and academic sectors.

Minority Outreach Program through NLM

Mentoring in Medicine (MIM) is an NLM-FNLM outreach effort that supports a unique program for inner-city high school students. Participants are enrolled in after-school courses and use their electives course time to take part in activities that help develop their awareness of and interest in healthcare career opportunities. MIM is expanding the program from New York City to Washington D.C.

Over a four-year period MIM has held over 60 classes on the exploration of anatomy and physiology organ systems, along with their associated health conditions. These are then followed by career-oriented sessions presented by medical and ancillary healthcare professionals focused on courses of study in their field of expertise.

Annual Awards Dinner

In 2013, the Awards Dinner to celebrate advances in public health, medicine, and health communication will be held on Tuesday, September 17. The venue will once again be at the Rooftop Garden of 101 Constitution Avenue in Washington.

Congressional and Public Outreach

2013 will also see the revival of FNLM's outreach to Congress and the public through educational sessions to be held on Capitol Hill. More details coming soon.

Help Out for Health: Be a Friend

You can be part of the Friends' mission to help educate the public and the health and corporate communities about NIH's many vital research initiatives.

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