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Donald West King, M.D. FNLM Chairman

Donald West King, M.D. FNLM Chairman
Photo: NIH

On behalf of the Friends of the National Library of Medicine, we wish you and your family the healthiest and happiest of New Years. Your good health is our concern. That is why NIH MedlinePlus is designed with you in mind.

We want to help you and your family to be healthy. In this issue, for example, you'll find a "Healthy Family" section, with many tips for making smart health and wellness decisions, at any age. You will also find a handy vaccination chart, for toddlers through teenagers, on page 5. It's a handy reference you can clip and save.

Also, to help bring the latest advances in science and medicine home to the American family, this coming May 20-21, the Friends and the National Library of Medicine together will convene many of the nation's top experts to explore how personal electronic health records (PEHRs) can be adopted most quickly and efficiently.

The goal? To assure better, lower cost, personalized healthcare for every American. You can read about this and many, many more topical, timely advances in future issues of NIH MedlinePlus.

Produced by the National Institutes of Health, the magazine and its companion Web site are the best sources of health information for you and yours. Try them. You'll come to rely on what they can do for your good health.

Donald West King, M.D., Chairman
Friends of the National Library of Medicine

Winter 2009 Issue: Volume 4 Number 1 Page Inside Cover