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NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine, Trusted Health Information from the National Institutes of Health

Letter from Friends of the NLM Chairman Paul G. Rogers

Welcome to the Winter 2008 edition of NIH MedlinePlus magazine, filled with trustworthy information for you and your family from the nation's top medical experts. In this issue, we are pleased to bring you the latest on diabetes, kidney disease, the impact of stress on your health and well-being, and much more. nears 1 Billion Page Views

Since 1999, usage of the Web site has soared. In 2007, more than 120 million unique visitors came to the site for free, authoritative medical and health care information. That resulted in almost a billion Web page views on the Web site. And the site's popularity continues to grow.

As always, we list useful, online references for you, always starting (of course!) with the National Library of Medicine's More than 120 million people now depend on this popular, award-winning source for in-depth answers to their questions about diseases, how to stay well, and where to go for more information on literally thousands of conditions.

As Dr. Cheryl L. Laffer, Associate Professor of Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine, told us recently, "The value of MedlinePlus magazine is in the trusted source and the references for more information. There is a nice pairing of human interest … along with diagnostic treatment information and the latest research."

Said another physician, from Pasadena, "This magazine is a good resource for me and my patients. I really like the information because it is aimed at the public and includes current issues."

NIH MedlinePlus magazine is but one of the many important public services provided to you by your National Library of Medicine. We encourage you to take out a free subscription, and to visit and recommend to your family and friends.

On behalf of the Friends of the National Library of Medicine, we thank you for your interest in NIH MedlinePlus.

Paul G. Rogers, Chairman
Friends of the National Library of Medicine

How You Can Help the Library Extend Medical Knowledge

You can be a part of the Friends' mission to help educate the health, corporate, and public communities about NIH's many vital research initiatives.

If you or your company can help to support and expand the Library's efforts by providing sponsorship and other charitable donations for NIH MedlinePlus magazine's publication and distribution, many more thousands of Americans will gain valuable, free access to the world's best online medical library,

For more information, please visit or call (202) 719-8094. Written correspondence may be sent to FNLM, 2801 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007.

The FNLM is classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for federal tax purposes.

Winter 2008 Issue: Volume 3 Number 1 Page Inside Front Cover