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Time to Go Local!

The go local coverage map

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By Naomi Miller, M.L.S.
Manager of Consumer Health Information, NLM


On health topic pages, you will find "Go Local" links that take you to information about health services in local geographic areas.

When you visit one of the over 700 health topic pages on, you will see a box saying "MedlinePlus GoLocal."

Go Local Select Location search.

Of course, provides you with reliable health information about disorders and wellness. After you've learned about your health issues, however, your next questions may be: Where can I find a specialist who treats my condition? Are there support groups in my town? Where can I get a flu shot locally?

That's the job of Go Local Web sites: to collect information about services in your hometown. For example, a person who has found information about breast cancer on MedlinePlus would be able to click on GoLocal and be instantly connected to information about local screening services, cancer care facilities, support groups, exercise and yoga classes, providers of wigs and prostheses, oncologists, and other services—all located in her area. You can even view maps and get driving directions.

GoLocal debuted in 2003, and there are now Web sites in 17 states and covering about a quarter of the U.S. population. GoLocal is expanding monthly, so if your state isn't included yet, it will be soon.

Winter 2007 Issue: Volume 2 Number 1 Page 23