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For Distinguished Public Service: Medical Library Association Honors FNLM and NIH MedlinePlus Magazine

Ruth Holst and Dr. Donald King, M.D.

MLA President Ruth Holst presented FNLM Chairman Dr. Donald West King with the Distinguished Public Service Award at the MLA’s recent national conference.

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The Friends of the National Library of Medicine has a warm and mutually appreciative relationship with the Medical Library Association (MLA) and its more than 3,600 individual members, representing more than 1,100 institutions in the health sciences information field. They do wonderful work educating health information professionals, supporting and promoting health information research, and working to ensure that the best health information is available to all.

That is one reason FNLM is especially honored to have received an Award for Distinguished Public Service from the MLA at the group’s recent annual conference.

As I mentioned during the MLA ceremony, part of our public service is to develop programs that reach out to minorities and encourage minority students to enter health careers. You can read about one of those efforts, Mentoring in Medicine, starting on page 22 in this issue. As the populations of African Americans and Hispanics continue to grow in the U.S., outreach to these groups will help advance the quality of medical care for all Americans.

MLA award

This issue also includes a special section on improving children’s health, starting on page 4, featuring observations from CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and information on a landmark children’s health study—the largest ever conducted in the United States. Beginning on page 13, you will find a story on how bone marrow donations and transplants are saving lives. And starting on page 18, you’ll find tips to help you through allergy season.

We hope you find this issue interesting and useful. And please consider joining FNLM to support all that the Library does.

Donald West King, M.D., Chairman
Friends of the National Library of Medicine

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Summer 2011 Issue: Volume 6 Number 2 Page Inside Cover