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Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Stories

Each of these well-known personalities suffered one or more strokes. In each case, he or she has returned to an active life after rehabilitation.

Tedy Bruschi: The New England Patriots linebacker was able to return to pro football after a congenital hole in his heart caused a blood clot and stroke in 2005.

Beau Biden: The Delaware Attorney General and older son of Vice President Joe Biden suffered a mild stroke in 2010, but was able to resume his duties after a short recuperation.

Della Reese: After a near-fatal brain aneurysm in 1979 and two subsequent brain operations, the world-renowned actress and singer returned to an active performing life.

Senator Mark Kirk: After a major stroke in early 2012 when he was 52, the U.S. Senator from Illinois spent a year in rehab and returned to the Senate in early 2013. (See story on page 5.)

Sharon Stone: In 2001, the actress suffered a stroke that bled into her brain for 11 days. She was partially paralyzed and left with a speech impediment. Through rehabilitation, she returned to her film and television roles without hindrance.

Kirk Douglas: After a major stroke in 1996, Douglas felt his life was over and entered a deep depression. But today, at 96, he considers the event his "stroke of luck" because he came to appreciate "the gift of life."

Linebacker Tedy Bruschi

Linebacker Tedy Bruschi
Stroke in 2005
© Mitchell Layton / NewSport / Corbis

Attorney Beau Biden

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden
Stroke in 2010
Mark Wilson / iStockphoto

Actress Della Reese

Actress & singer Della Reese
Stroke in 1979
Helga Esteb /

Senator Mark Kirk

Senator Mark Kirk
Stroke in 2012
Brian Kersey / iStockphoto

Actress Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone
Stroke in 2001
Helga Esteb /

Actor Kirk Douglas

Actor Kirk Douglas
Stroke in 1996
Frederick M. Brown / iStockphoto

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