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Hepatitis Can Strike Anyone

From Hollywood's "Walk of Stars" to Main Street, USA, people from all walks of life are affected by hepatitis, especially hepatitis C, the most common form of the disease. And that includes many well-known names:

Larry Hagman

Legendary television star Larry Hagman was diagnosed with advanced hepatitis C liver disease. He received a life-saving liver transplant in 1995 and has gone on to advocate for organ donation.
Photo: AP Photo

Natalie Cole

Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole was diagnosed with hepatitis C in early 2008. She is currently undergoing dialysis after suffering kidney failure after her treatment.
Photo: AP Photo

Naomi Judd

After retiring from the award-winning country music duo, The Judds, because of hepatitis C, Naomi Judd founded the Naomi Judd Research Fund. With her hepatitis in remission, Judd continues her work as a spokesperson for the National Liver Foundation.
Photo: AP Photo

Greg Allman

After having to cancel several concert dates in 2008 to treat his hepatitis C, Greg Allman, singer for the Allman Brothers Band, is in remission and back on the road.
Photo: AP Photo

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Spring 2009 Issue: Volume 4 Number 2 Page 24