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NIH Precision Medicine Initiative

Precision Medicine In Action

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Eric Dishman

"I am totally motivated to support precision medicine because I am one of the early prototype patients whose life was saved by it. I had a whole genome sequence, and a chance encounter with a scientist, and after 23 years of trial and error chemotherapy that I had to suffer through, they, suddenly, with precision medicine, said 'We didn't understand what was wrong with you; now we do.' Months later, I had chemotherapy. Cured my cancer. A kidney transplant. And I'm healthier at age 47 than I was at age 19. That was the power of precision medicine."


Dr. Donna Antoine-LaVigne

"Participant engagement is so important because you will find out what is wanted and what the community needs when it comes to precision medicine. I think you will get honest answers, and you will engage them and be able to build trust with them when you are trying to gather the information you are looking for. Community is the way to go."


Matthew Might

"I'm personally motivated to support precision medicine because my son has one of the rarest diseases in the world. To me, precision medicine and the Precision Medicine Initiative means a shift in the way we're conducting research and the way we can deliver medical care, so that no disease and no patient is too rare to be left behind."


Dr. Atul Butte

"I think we are in the most amazing time for medicine today. We have these amazing new drugs that are very targeted for certain cancers that are based on the DNA sequence—something we couldn't even imagine even 15 years ago. We can do this today. But we need to scale. We need to get to more cancers; we've got to get to more diseases. The patients out there who need therapies, and the Precision Medicine Initiative. It's all about getting it to them."


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Precision Medicine: Healthcare Tailored to You / NIH Precision Medicine Initiative / Precision Medicine In Action

Fall 2015 Issue: Volume 10 Number 3 Page 22-23